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Scheduled Maintenance

We deploy teams across the United States to execute a suite of periodic maintenance safely and dependably. Our personnel are well trained and held to high standards to ensure the longevity and reliability of your assets.

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Construction Management & Inspection

With a keen attention to detail and expert operations management, we offer objective analysis and comprehensive documentation. We enable smooth operations with our high-quality product and staff.

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Blade Repair & Inspection

Our skilled blade repair teams use leading technology to provide mul􀆟tiple composite soluti􀆟ons for all categories of damage. We employ various methods to access difficult-to-reach locations for all turbine models.



Prometheus Wind provides contracted services and staffing to wind farm owners and developers. Our founders have years of experience not only in technical work but also in operations management and training development. We leverage this experience to ensure that our personnel are well trained and professional, our operations are meticulously planned, and our customer communication and documentation is second to none. 


As Enron can attest, values don't mean anything unless you're willing to make sacrifices to uphold them. These are the things we're most willing to sacrifice for:


Honoring our commitments


Extreme Ownership

Taking responsibility for the problems around us

Growth Mindset

Always believing in and seeking improvement


Proactive Communication

Ensuring constant mutual understanding 



Prometheus Wind was designed to solve the quality and safety issues too-commonly experienced by wind farm managers. As these issues primarily result from an underinvestment in employee training and poor operations management practices, we’ve meticulously designed our employee onboarding, operations management, and documentation systems to ensure that our teams are the most effective in the industry.


Here’s a few examples of things we do differently:


Employee Selection

We built our employee selection process from years of research compiled by the US Air Force Academy and Air Force Special Operations Command to ensure our employees have the correct attributes required for long-term trustworthiness and effectiveness.

Employee Training

Also modeled from a military system, we designed robust onboarding training promoting safety not only for front-line technicians but also for operations managers, administrators, and all other positions within Prometheus Wind.

Operations Management

To create our operations management system, we copied many of the US Special Operations best practices, proven to dependably deliver the safety and quality of geographically-dispersed operations.

Online Documentation

We maintain the highest standards for work documentation to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our performance, and our user-friendly data-management practices can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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