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is committed to

Safety-Focused Approach
   EHS compliant, transparent procedures, GWO certified technicians
Competent & Professional Technicians
   highly-trained, disciplined, & experienced, problem solving mindset
Online Documentation􀆟 & Reports
   comprehensive & accessible

Torque & Tension
Base Bolt Tensioning
Fluid & Part Inspection
Consumables Replacement
Base Bolts.jpg

Modern Tooling

Our tooling inventory consists exclusively of the most modern and high-quality tools in the industry. We use tools such as the programable Lithium Series LST 5000 which records torque values in real-time to provide you with absolute peace of mind.

Dependably Safe Teams

Our teams are thoroughly trained in climb safety, tower rescue, LOTO and job-specific safety best-practices. This training, combined with our extensive risk-management program will ensure safe conduct throughout our operations at your site.


We create a quality and a "hands-off" customer experience with our OJT process that covers everything from torquing physics to customer service. Our operations management is built from our experience in Air Force Special Operations and holds our teams to the highest standards for safety, quality and professionalism.

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